Failing to Keep a To-Do List

Failing to Keep a To-Do List
1 of 10 Common Time Management Mistake

Have you experience nagging at yourself because you failed to send an email to someone scheduled today but you were not able to send it because you have forgotten it? If so, it maybe because you are not using a To-D0 List or you may not using yours effectively.

The trick with using To-Do Lists effectively lies in prioritizing the tasks on your list. Many people use an A – F coding system (A for high priority items, F for very low priorities). Alternatively, you can simplify this by using A through D, or by using numbers. If you have large projects on your list, then, unless you’re careful, the entries for these can be vague and ineffective. For instance, you may have written down “Start on budget proposal.” But what does this entail? The lack of specifics here might cause you to procrastinate, or miss key steps. So make sure that you break large tasks or projects down into specific, actionable steps – then you won’t overlook something important. You can also use Action Programs to manage your work when you have many large projects happening at once. (Action Programs are “industrial strength” versions of To-Do Lists.)

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