Kony 2012

Kony 2012

It is a reality that not everyone watches or hears news consistently on a daily basis. I, myself is guilty of this because of so many things I do which left me no time to seat in front of a television. On the other hand, it is also true that not everything that happens in the world is broadcasted to newscast. There are different factors causing this and discussing that can be considered on another blog topic.

This time, I would like to focus about KONY 2012 and I hope I can share with you the same enlightenment that I had after encountering this campaign. KONY 2012 is a campaign raised by Invisible Children to make everyone aware who Joseph Kony is and how everyone is in danger while he is at large and continues to kidnap children to make them his army and sex slaves.

Joseph Kony is the leader of Lord Resistance Army that mainly operates in Uganda. This army operation includes abduction of children to be turned as part of his army of children and girls are turned into sex slaves.  Joseph Kony kills the family of children he abducts so the children are left with no choice but to submit to his orders. Most of these kidnapping happens in the rural parts of Uganda.

We hope that you take part in viewing the campaign video to make Joseph Kony popular. Making him popular will soon lead to his arrest and most importantly save all the children he abducted. This is the only way the atrocities of the leader of the Lord Resistance Army will ever be stopped.  Sharing this video to our friends and family is one of the little actions we can do but it will greatly impact the mission of this campaign.


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