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How to Burn Calories in the Office

One of the easiest way to burn calories is when you exercise in the office. You may not be aware that you are actually losing weight while working.

Here are ways that you can follow to start burning calories at work.

1. Take a walk.

You can try walking a few blocks to your office. Walking is one of the best daily exercise to burn calories.

2. Stand.

You actually burn more calories standing up than sitting. Try standing up for 15 minutes to do a stretch and just observe the people around you seated.

3. Take a fitness break.

You know how it is when you take a break. Usually, you just sit and sip a coffee in the pantry. Try to combine step 1 to 3 in your break time and you will surely burn more calories than you expect.

4. Try a fitness ball

During your fitness break, you can replace your office chair with a fitness ball so you can try out some fitness exercise with it while you still have the time. So, it is like going to the gym even at work.

5. Keep fitness equipment at your desk

What a better way to do a work out in the office! As long as you see your gym gadgets in your table, you will always be reminded to grab one and do a arm curls when you are given the opportunity. Remember that it is good to be surrounded by fitness equipments.

6. Organize a fitness team at work

You can always get social with your office mates and ask around to find out if they are also interested in burning calories.

7. Meetings on the go

You can brainstorm outdoors and hold meetings outside the office for better perspective. On your way out, you will surely burn those calories.

8. Adjust your pace

Try to do things in a faster pacing. This way, you get to u burn calories more than the usual.