Sixteen 8 Tips in Time Management

Time is more precious than gold. Busy people need to manage their time properly. In order for them to carry out their task appropriately they need to find ways on how to accommodate it smoothly. Time management plays an important role for our daily activities. This is recommended for people who are facing lots of task on their work or study.

1. Make a Priority List
– First you need to assess your task. Rate them from least priority to highest priority. This way you can identify the task that needs action in an immediate time. Just make sure that you have to set a realistic list of tasks that are favorable for you.
2. Make a time frame
– Time table is very important for your daily activities. Through this, you can determine the sufficient amount of time to be spent for carrying the task. You can also compete with time. Setting up an appropriate time will give you slight pressure and can also challenge you. It also enhances your skills. Once that you have finished your task before the allotted schedule, you can earn extra time to work on other activities.
3. Pace yourself frequently
– Ideally you need to take a break from the task. Most especially if it is very hard to handle. In order for you to maintain the appropriate action, release yourself from the tension and pressure by pacing yourself with other enjoyable activities. Playing games, singing, dancing, going out and other pleasurable activities can help you relieve from the pressure of your task. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time from unnecessary things which are not related to your activity.
4. Be ready with your best friend. The Organizer
– It is considered as your inanimate assistant. This is recommended for people who work alone. You can scan your organizer frequently. This prevents you from missing other important task. Other people use notes and post in on the refrigerator or walls to remind them of their daily activities.
5. Have a good night sleep
– We are entitled to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep. A person with insufficient amount of sleep lacks focus and attention. The brain requires enough time to regenerate. This is related to the cells that control our ability to think. If a person lacks sleep, they may rattle and unable to perform their task on the next day.

These are the common tips that can help you to manage your time. This way, you can maximize your work. Being productive is a good sign of well-developed skills. Time management requires us with discipline, perseverance and patience to achieve what we desire most.

Why is T-shirt the most used and liked type of clothing for men and women?

Fashion is one of the trending aspects in the modern world. It involves both men and women. People at present times are fond of collecting any toys of clothes that can suit their styles and attitude. There are several types of clothes, from formal wear to casual attires. But what makes it most favorable for all is the T-shirt. There are different styles of tees which can be customized. It represents the attitude or mood of a person. Aside from the fact that it is comfortable to wear, you can wear t-shirt by expressing your thoughts, feelings or ideas. Tees can be worn anywhere. Unlike other casual attires, sometimes it can’t provide you with the comfort that you need, especially when the climate is too humid.

Boys and girls prefer to wear tees because kids are very active in any ways, and they must be comfortable enough to make their activities enjoyable. The same reason goes among the teenagers. Even in other affairs. People prefer to choose t-shirt and have it printed with other styles that can represent the entire group. Even the motorist prefers to wear t-shirt. It protects them from the heat of the sun and at the same time it prevents them from over sweating because most of all tees are made of cotton that do not usually absorbed the heat of the sun.
Lovers also prefer to wear t-shirt. They can have it customize according to their mutual choice. With this, they can able to express their inner feelings with each other. It is considered as one way of telling other people how you feel. T-shirts is the most common type of clothes that is used as presents or gifts for everyone. There are vast selections of colors and designs that can suit your eyes. T-shirt is easy to wash and it does not give people hard time washing it. Unlike other clothes, there are underlying special precautions in term of washing and ironing it.

T-shirt is easy to carry everywhere you go. Even if you put inside your bag, it will not easily crumpled. This is ideal for people who wanted to wear clothe that looks clean and well-pressed. There are available sizes that can be used by everyone without worries. These are the common reasons that make T-shirt as the most favorable type of clothes used for both men and women, young and old.

Kony 2012

Kony 2012

It is a reality that not everyone watches or hears news consistently on a daily basis. I, myself is guilty of this because of so many things I do which left me no time to seat in front of a television. On the other hand, it is also true that not everything that happens in the world is broadcasted to newscast. There are different factors causing this and discussing that can be considered on another blog topic.

This time, I would like to focus about KONY 2012 and I hope I can share with you the same enlightenment that I had after encountering this campaign. KONY 2012 is a campaign raised by Invisible Children to make everyone aware who Joseph Kony is and how everyone is in danger while he is at large and continues to kidnap children to make them his army and sex slaves.

Joseph Kony is the leader of Lord Resistance Army that mainly operates in Uganda. This army operation includes abduction of children to be turned as part of his army of children and girls are turned into sex slaves.  Joseph Kony kills the family of children he abducts so the children are left with no choice but to submit to his orders. Most of these kidnapping happens in the rural parts of Uganda.

We hope that you take part in viewing the campaign video to make Joseph Kony popular. Making him popular will soon lead to his arrest and most importantly save all the children he abducted. This is the only way the atrocities of the leader of the Lord Resistance Army will ever be stopped.  Sharing this video to our friends and family is one of the little actions we can do but it will greatly impact the mission of this campaign.

Importance of Time Management for Students

The Importance of time management for students: Take control of student study skills and academic time management.   by Andrew Chambers


Are you a high schoolor a college student? Are you burnt out or stressed out? Do you often feel run down and tired? Is your life spinning out of control in a disturbing way? Do you have too many priorities or pressures?Study skills time management is an essential skill you need to develop to take charge of your college life.

Student days are considered to be one of the busiest moments in our lives. Recitations, assignments, projects, and exams are the things that make students feel exhausted. Aside from that, there are work commitments and social events that you would like to attend.

All of these competing demands influence time management. If the students does not have any idea about budgeting time and keeping a schedule you can easily spin out of control, get stressed out and fall into bad practices such as cramming or doing ‘all nighters’. This gives rise to the importance of time management for students.

With proper study skills time management and prudent planning, it is possible to balance student commitments with other life commitments. Taking a proper control of your time is essential to realize your goals and objectives.

Here are some positive benefits to learning student time management skills.

* Academic time management can help the student better learn new material. By taking a steady and consistent approach you absorb the material in small chunks so that you are better prepared when exam time comes around..

* Student time management also helps you for class preparation. Often concepts that are introduced in a previous class need to be properly understood in order to build a new understanding of concepts that are introduced. By allocating time to study material as you learn you can improve your class absorption rateand efficiency.

* Student time management also ensures that you structure your commitments by priority. By properly scheduling your requirements you avoid running into competing demands. This can happen if you are disorganized.

* Time management also allows you to set aside time for leisure and social events. If you have your priorities attended to you won’t find yourself in the position of having to skip social events that you have been looking forward to.

* Student time management is a proactive approach to making best use of all your available time. By knowing when you have breaks between class you can set aside that time to attend to study commitments. By setting up a schedule this way you get to take control of your day to day student requirements. This can help you avoid falling into the trap of ‘goofing off’ between classes and frees up your time at night for other activities.

Getting started on student time management is often the most difficult task. Taking the time to learn this skill will pay dividends throughout your college life and will also be a valuable skill you can take forward for managing your life. Be prepared and learn what you need to know early in life to make the best use of your time.

What does Sixteen 8 say on the Importance of Fashion?

“The first purpose of clothes… was not warmth or decency, but ornament…. Among wild people, we find tattooing and painting even prior to clothes.  The first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration; as indeed we still see among the barbarous classes in civilized countries”.  ~Thomas Carlyle

The concept of having clothes is not for comfort or protection, Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves at the very beginning.  The discovery of clothes according to anthropologist was way back some 100,000 t0 500,000 years ago.  And it took a long way for clothes to be considered as part of the basic necessity of human. Nowadays, fashion is embraced in every clothing concept of people.  It is hardly that someone made a piece of cloth without thinking of fashion.

T-shirts were made generally to be worn by men and women but a fashionable design is always incorporated to make it look suited for him or for her. With me personally, a shirt is the most comfortable clothes I can wear and it’s what I have the most inside my closet. Fashion design of a shirt can be simple but it is one design that last long.

What do you wear in 16:8?