What does Sixteen 8 say on the Importance of Fashion?

“The first purpose of clothes… was not warmth or decency, but ornament…. Among wild people, we find tattooing and painting even prior to clothes.  The first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration; as indeed we still see among the barbarous classes in civilized countries”.  ~Thomas Carlyle

The concept of having clothes is not for comfort or protection, Adam and Eve covered themselves with fig leaves at the very beginning.  The discovery of clothes according to anthropologist was way back some 100,000 t0 500,000 years ago.  And it took a long way for clothes to be considered as part of the basic necessity of human. Nowadays, fashion is embraced in every clothing concept of people.  It is hardly that someone made a piece of cloth without thinking of fashion.

T-shirts were made generally to be worn by men and women but a fashionable design is always incorporated to make it look suited for him or for her. With me personally, a shirt is the most comfortable clothes I can wear and it’s what I have the most inside my closet. Fashion design of a shirt can be simple but it is one design that last long.

What do you wear in 16:8?


What is the idea behind fashion?

When asked why people, most particularly women, likes fashion, I guess its not the fashion itself that most of them like. But why is that?  I would like to conclude that its not just the “stuff” that people like.  For women, its not mere the make ups and even the clothes.  For men, its not only the shoes, the accessories or even the gadgets they can have to become fashionable.

I would like to propose the idea that is really the excitement and the energy that it gives them.  What kind of excitement does one get with a new shoes or with a new clothes on? If you know this feeling, you understand what I am talking about.

Now, what does the industry does to make these fashion items so exciting for men and women.  What kind of marketing strategy they do? How much exposure do these marketing people need to exert to one item?

Why do people like fashion so much???

Many people not only like fashion, they love and they have fun loving it!!!

Fashion is a way to express who we are and what we do in life.  To many people, just like me, fashion is the ultimate form of expressing ourselves.  Even if most people are following what is in when it comes to fashion, their individuality still stands out.

Fashion is our personality–fashion is a way of being true to our self.


Sixteen 8 T-shirt Design Contest

Sixteen 8 is a T-shirt company based in Columbus, Ohio. The aim of the contest is express how well you manage your time by illustrating it on a shirt design. Design must be in accordance to the company’s motto/tagline:  “What’s your 16:8?”.

Sixteen 8 aims is to promote time management by following an ideal 16:8 ratio of the time.  That is simply saying 16 hours of being productive and 8 hours rest and recreation.

Contest Rules and Regulation

  • Contestant must have a facebook account that is active.
  • Contest is open to everyone who is able to create a design of his own.
  • First step is to visit Sixteen 8 Fanpage at www.facebook.com/TeamSixteen8Fanpage and LIKE the page.
  • Follow us on twitter:  Sixteen8
  • Leave a message on the fan page saying that you are interested to join.
  • Send an email to teamsixteen8@gmail.com expressing your intention to join the contest and a JPEG copy of your entry.  The entry must be original and done by the contestant himself.
  • Wait for your entry to be uploaded on the fan page,  www.facebook.com/TeamSixteen8Fanpage and to be posted at Sixteen 8 blog found at www.sixteen8.wordpress.com.
  • Once uploaded, you need to promote your entry to your friends in facebook. Your friends should LIKE the fanpage and the uploaded photo of your entry. Your friends also need to visit the blog and leave a comment cheering you for the contest. We will count how many times your name was mentioned at the blog comments section and we will also count how many people LIKED your entry.
  • The contest will be going on for a month.  You can maximize this time to collect as many LIKES in your entry as you can. Official date of the contest is 1st February 2012 but your entries are welcome as early as possible.

Criterion for Judging

  • 20%  Originality of your design
  • 20%  How well it explains your idea of 16:8
  • 60%  Exposure

Exposure will be measured on the number of likes you were able to gather for your entry. So you have to encourage as many friends as you can to LIKE and SHARE your entry in facebook and let them leave a comment mentioning your name on the blog.


Prizes at Stake

  • Top of the line T-shirt from Sixteen 8(this will be sent to you where ever you are in the world)
  • Get a chance to have your design printed for Sixteen 8. Sixteen 8 will recognize you as the contributor of the design.
  • Cash prize  $300.


Spring 2012

Spring 2012 begins to roll out, see some new photos we have for you to admire.


Repost: HYPEBEAST Interview with Christian Clancy

Please allow me to re-post this interview with Christian Clancy.  HYPBEAST is the second placer on top 99 blogs.

It takes a true talent to really understand an artists vision and making sure it comes to fruition the proper way. It’s a confusing time, especially when terms like “authenticity” and “organic” have ironically become standard marketing jargon within the music industry. How do you strategize being real? Well it automatically translates from simply not compromising. Traditional methods are no longer relevant, let the artist be just that, and fight for what you believe in. Odd Future’s manager Christian Clancy gets it.

I am… a father, a husband, a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, passionate, a dog guy, a dichotomy of myself, a terrible liar, impatient at times, a closet metalhead, a recovering sneaker head, spiritual, part time white trash/part time wannabe black guy, much less materialistic than I used to be, and incredibly grateful to work with insanely talented driven people.

My job is to… give artists that I work with and am passionate about the best opportunity to be successful without compromise.

The fact that I allow myself to be stressed… is such a waste of time and energy. Problems will always replace problems for the rest of my life, all I can control is my reaction to them. Although I will say waiting on people who are late pisses me off sometimes but I get over it. That and pre-roll advertising!

As far as life changing music… I’d have to say Eazy E ‘s “Easy Duz It” album. It was my first rap album. At the time I was rocking a full blown mullet, muscle T’s and a fannypack. Terrible. I was in AZ after my mom moved us out of Philly when I was 14. I was a metalhead. Everything from the heavy stuff like Metallica, Slayer and Sabbath to the hair metal shit like Skid Row, Ratt and Iron Maiden. Maiden was at the top. Nobody messed with Iron Maiden.

I remember my friend Scott played me LL Cool J’s “I’m Bad” and I loved it but then I heard Eazy and was like holy fuck, what is that?! I couldn’t believe the shit he was saying. It was heaven to a pissed off teenager because it pissed off everyone else. I listened to that album nonstop driving around in my red Toyota pickup with 40″ Mickey Thompson mud tires. The energy wasn’t that different from the stuff I was listening to but it was refreshing as hell and its all I listened to until I heard NWA. Then my head exploded. The other contender for life changing would be Guns and Roses “Appetite for Destruction.”

I admire people… who believed in something and went for it without allowing people outside of them to dictate or manipulate the process. I admire people who are are in it for the right reasons (or at least what I consider the right reasons). I admire people who are honest, especially in situations where it would be easier to lie. I admire people who are able to stay calm under intense pressure. Off top for a myriad of reasons I admire my wife, Rick Rubin, Paul Rosenberg, Steve Berman, Steve Jobs, Fiona Apple, Tool, Jay-Z, Richard Branson and all the artists I work with. There’s a lot more but I’m tired.

My favorite hip-hop album is… hmmmm… that’s impossible to narrow down because I like different albums for different reasons at different points in my life… if I HAD to make a list it would be Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem, Eazy Duz It – Eazy E, Amerikkkas Most Wanted – Ice Cube, Reasonable Doubt – Jay-Z, Ready to Die – Notorious B.I.G., Straight Outta Compton – NWA.

I am happiest when… the underdog wins. Their way.

I dislike the machine… when executive ego’s override talent and passion. Laziness. 90% of label “marketing” meetings. People who believe they know it all. Manufactured hype. Executives who think they are artists, a few at the top who try and redefine loyalty around their ego, radio politics, using the same damn producers, product placement that isn’t authentic in exchange for promotion or money, shortcuts, those who lead by using fear as motivation and in same vein any direction or decisions that are based in fear. Market research, asking DJ’s to pick a single, doing the obvious, 360 deals… Okay I think that’s it for now, oh yeah and again that damn pre-roll advertising. Don’t they realize they are tying the emotion of annoyance with their brand? I don’t get it.

In the music industry’s present… a lot of people talk about how this is a terrible time in the record business and in a lot of ways they are right. Truth is the “record business” is already dead but there has never been a better time to be in the music business which is very different and wide open. Kids could give a shit about soundscan and BDS and labels only use these archaic means of defining success which means a ton of talented artists either get lost in the system or they try and play the game and only lose themselves in the process. Labels are screwed because all they do is shuffle around the same executives that put us in this situation. There is no new thinking. Its literally the same 30 people going from label to label and getting raises while cutting out middle management to save costs.

The only way they will survive is if they gut the system, sink the ship and rebuild from the ground up. The whole thing: the way deals are structured, the way money is spent, the departments, everything… It’s all embarrassingly outdated and out of touch with culture. Sure they can get a few hits here and there but long term they are fucked because the wall between them and true artists is too thick now. 360 deals aren’t the answer unless the labels are rebuilt to facilitate them. The only way i would ever give up 20% to a label for any ancillary business if they are bringing in 40%, otherwise it makes zero sense. Labels are becoming less and less necessary or even relevant.

The more talented and resourceful you are as an artist the less you need them. The internet is distribution for your brand. If you have a vision and aren’t a manufactured type of artist you have more opportunity now than ever. That doesn’t mean it’s easy and there are things labels offer to speed up the process but at what expense. True emotion will find its match, it may not happen as fast as you would like but if you stick to it you have as good a chance as anyone on a major who is resting their career on what a very few “gatekeepers” think. The gate keepers need a new set of keys. Kids are the new gatekeepers and have taken the power back. When you are real it’s not about “marketing” its about exposing to the right people at the right time and being able to be fluid and not stuck to some sort of “marketing plan.” Fear is what keeps most people stuck. It’s an exciting time if you have the balls to dive in.

When it comes to drugs… truth is I’ve done a lot of drugs in my life, most when I was younger. Cocaine took away my soul and put me in rehab when I was 19. After that prescription pills numbed me for over seven years until I felt like a shell of myself and I’ve had a lifelong on and off relationship with marijuana. Not in a stoner sense but in a end of the day smoke a joint sense. To me its no different than a glass of wine. I can’t lie, I’ve come up with some of my best ideas at night high when I worked at Interscope. It sometimes helped me hyper focus. On the other hand if I smoke too much it tends to nudge some depression issues I dealt with when I was younger. So in short my first advice would be no drugs at all… if any, weed seems to cause the least issues. There’s no domestic violence on weed, just empty potato chip bags.

When it comes to dreams… follow them. If you feel it, go for it. Fuck fear. Follow passion not money. I believe passion is your GPS system, the money will follow if you are truly doing what you love. Chasing money only leads to chasing more money and never feeling fulfilled.

My mentor once told me… 1. Stop, breathe, do the best you can and stay out of the results. 2. Don’t live in the chapter, think of the book. What’s bad today may be the catalyst for good tomorrow. 3. Try and live at the bottom of the ocean (stillness) and look up at the waves (stress). When you need to go up, bring a surfboard.

The strangest moment for me… I’m so used to strange moments its normal. I’m stumped on this one.

The proudest moment for me… was Tyler winning the MTV Award. Not because of the award itself but for what it represented. For that moment, we did it. And we did it our way. Seeing the whole group on stage smiling from ear to ear was incredible. We had just flown home that morning from playing the Reading Festival the day before. It was surreal. Also hearing Franks new album. Fucking insane, especially with all the pressure.

2012 is going to be… make or break. Doing things differently nowadays requires going straight up against the system and sometimes that means burning some bridges in order to stand up for what you believe. I guess I can always hit up UPS if this doesn’t pan out.

Photography: Brook Bobbins

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The organization is known for its quality, independent spirit, and most importantly, authenticity. It has become an institution and creative platform for students and artists to gain experience and find opportunity in their individual passions. SHHO strives to promote higher learning through hip-hop.

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