Sixteen8 In the beach

Hello guys, This is Cheryl and this is my 16:8 in the beach.

It was nice to take the time to relax.

Always find time to be with your friends and family because it takes away your stress if you do get stressed at work.

Time flies really fast when you are working. So take a break.

This is my 16:8

What is your Sixteen8 ?

Watch Cheryl’s 16:8


Young Sleep and 16:8

Sixteen8 loves Young Sleep!

Brandon “Young Sleep” Pettis has been making great music since 2002.

He is one of the first artist to sign for ROM Records.

His single “Antidote” undoubtedly gained support and increased his fan base when it was first played in the local radio station.

Listen to Antidote

With his great creative talents Young Sleep continues to do what he does best and that is to make great music!

Man this guy is good! Watch him do some rap wearing our tee.

Check out his other videos. You gotta love him and his music!

The social network

Who would have thought that a single idea could be so viral, it affects our lives today.

The movie : The Social Network tries to show us how Facebook came to be.

I love watching an idea grow and see how people tried to hold it up together.
In this movie, you’ll see all it takes for an idea to succeed is a brilliant mind.
You may need money but with the amount of work you need to do to get things done you still need talent. And of course, you also need help from people like your friends.

It is amazing to know that one can be a billionaire at a very young age like Mark Zuckerberg. I would love to be in his shoes.