Day 63 100% Responsibility

3 men looking like 100.

I’m about to say something that may sound contradictory or even rude but if you aim for success there is a step you must take.You reading this including the writer must at some point of your life take total 100% responsibility for your success and failures. This includes blaming,complaining about anything or anyone and own up to your own failures and success and life.Only by doing this and taken control of the outcomes can you then recreate your future outcomes at will.Hopefully you take sometime out and let this one sink in you probably or like I never intended the bad to happen but you probably never intended some of the good to happen neither.With that been said life has a funny way of showing you what you think exist and your mind has a funnier way of believing it.Together we can take back the image of failure and take 100% accountability for what we done and try something new like listen to someone other then or own inner self today even if just today.


64 day journey

Right now If your anything like me your trying to figure out how to get from were you are to were you want to be in life.If I may may offer a little bit of advice from my paper back mentor Jack Canfield it all must start like anything in life with The Fundamentals of success. So for all those out there that’s dieing to know whats this is are probably already doing good just trying to figure out how and world can you be doing better.Join me on my 64 day journey into to that very such subject as i bring to you the advice of how and hopes that you pick up on what and figure out the when on your own thanks and God bless.