Sixteen8 Photoshoot

Hello everyone!
We are coming soon with the new tee’s!

Brand new site coming 2 you!, then the release of the new tee’s..
You can buy them right off line..we will post the release date soon.

What’s your Sixteen8?
Kincy Fields will be releasing his children’s book soon. Grab your copies!

Meet Tasha and Kincy the Sixteen8 makeup artist and the graphic designer behind it all..(love them both) let go!

Following the principles of 16:8 will allow you to dedicate 16 hours of your 24-hour day to self development or what we call “The Grind” and the remaining 8 hours you dedicate to rest and relaxation.

The subsequent 16-hours are where you get back on your “Grind” and continue with “The Movement”.

Each and everyday we remember that perseverance and motivation are our energy supplements.