Bad Signs of Time Management

Before someone size up your time management skills, its better you assess yourself. Look at yourself as your boss or somebody else would look at you not as the way you treat yourself.

Would you like to see your self as being sized up this way?

I always see one or two employees standing outside the front entryway smoking a cigarette when I go to a store.
Sure, they might legitimately be on break, but people who smoke do it pretty regularly so my guess is they’re sneaking outside every hour or two to take a smoke break.
There are articles in the papers about companies cracking down on their employees’ use of social media websites during the workday.
Apparently people are spending so much time updating their Facebook statuses and Tweeting about where they’re going for lunch that they’re not completing projects at work.
Extra long trips to the bathroom or the water cooler, getting back from lunch late … all of these “It was just 5 minutes!” add up quickly.(Here’s a little trick to track those five minutes that accumulate up to a lot of time wasted.)  Source

By assessing yourself, you are saving your self from cruel judgement of other. You are doing not to please others but most importantly, to become a more productive individual.


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