Are you in control of your time

Often, we believe we are in control of our time.  But how do you really check if you are in control of your time?  Do you have a way to do a self-check? 

Keep in mind that if you are not able to take a good control of your time and you do not have a system to manage your time.  Time will take over.

Keep in mind these simple question I have for you.  This is a simple way you can assess if you are in control of your time:

  • Do you have more than a couple of over due things?
  • Do you have a few pages full of to do lists?
  • Do you get the feeling of being dragged into all direction and does not seem to know where to start?

If you have atleast one yes as an answer to the three questions?  It would be best to step back and see what is causing the delay.  But if you answer yes in more than one, ask a friends advise or google up and find a user friendly system you can start with to put you back on track.


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