New Year’s Resolution

Every time the year ends and a new one starts, the thought of new year’s resolution does not escape anyone.   Everyone in the world loves the idea of  reinventing themselves  by improving and setting a goal to make themselves better.

Each year, most of us sets a new years resolution.  Whether the resolution is to save, improve health, loosen weight, avoid bad habits, name it and it should be there.   Each and everyone of us, have set at one time in our life a new year’s resolution.

Sad to say,  this ritual of self improvement is taken as a joke.   The number of those who  set a new year’s resolution is almost, if not all, is the same number that thinks this new year’s resolution is something of  a joke.   In some cases, the set new year’s resolution is reivented if not totally forgotten few weeks after its set.

Is this really the image that we want to think of when we talk about new year’s resolution?  Don’t you think its about time we take this thing seriously.  When I say serious, I really meant serious.  If you say  thatm at one point in time of the year, there is a great change for you take off being serious, I suggest that before this time comes, better suite yourself and think of something to inspire yourself and think of things that will inspire you continue your new years resolution.

Sixteen 8 hopes that everyone of us have a good motivation to  push our selves to the limit and fulfill our new years resolution.


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