T-shirt History

At the very start, Team 16:8 would like to introduce cool fashion with meaning by expressing it through the designs of our shirts.  It is human nature to feel the need to know  what we want and we can only express it by completely understanding  what we have.  Is there anyone here reading this story that does not have a t-shirt?  Yes, a t-shirt!  Of course, all of us would have one. But do we know exactly how t-shirts became  t-shirt.

16:8 cares to tell a story, the history of  t- shirts.   With the help of surfing the entire web, I found a very interesting story how t-shirt evolved.  If you are interested, you may visit this link here.

Having an understanding of how t-shirt began, Team 16:8 would like to highlight how people from all walks of life would like to have their t-shirt.  An interesting forum about what kind of t-shirt people would like is found on this link.

We are inviting everyone to see what’s in store with Team Sixteen 8, visit and like our link in facebook,  click here, and like it.  Be one of us, let us all shout to the world how we would love to manage our time efficiently and express it though meaningful shirt designs.  See how I manage my time here.



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